“Listen to Mr. Mob Boss!” The Day Meadow Soprano Crossed The Line


It starts as argument over college and quickly escalates into something far more ominous.

It’s a favourite scene among fans and a pivotal moment in the relationship between Tony Soprano and his daughter, Meadow.

Perhaps most of all, it demonstrates the masterful acting ability of James Gandolfini. He enters the conversation as a reluctant participant, attempts to play peacemaker and then explodes into a display of anger and intimidation as he looms over his own daughter and dares her to confront him over his way of life.

While Meadow cops the brunt of the storm, Carmela’s attempt to restrain him is dismissed with a brutal “shut up” from Tony and she is little more than a bystander for the rest of the scene. Even though the argument begins between her and Meadow, when Tony steps in Carmela is cast to the sidelines.


As for Meadow, do you feel sorry for her in this case? She oversteps the mark and clearly regrets it immediately. Is she genuinely struggling through her grief for the death of Jackie Jr. or is she using it a an excuse?

In any case, when your dad is Tony Soprano you need to choose your sarcastic comments wisely.


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