Mystery Mix Six – Helen & Joey Estate


I wish more wineries did things like this.

Especially at a time like this when cellar doors have been forced to close again due to the inability of my fellow Victorian’s to not spread their germs around. Given the situation, why not take a punt on a mystery six pack? Besides, these guys make quality wines so I already know this is not much of a gamble.

To me, a mystery pack shows an easy-going, almost fun-loving side to a business. It’s not run by some stuffy bottom-line-driven sales and marketing graduate, it’s run by normal people. And let’s be honest, they’re few and far between these days.

Helen & Joey Estate offers this Mystery Mix Six through their website for the tantalising price of $90. Six Yarra Valley wines for only $15 each certainly seems like a bargain at face value. Even if you don’t like one or two bottles the price is still more than reasonable and certainly less than you’d pay at the cellar door.


You have some choices, too. You can pick a red, white or mixed pack. Beyond that, you’ll get what you’re given. I opted for a red mix, so here’s what Helen & Joey gave me:

  • Inara Shiraz 2019
  • Inara Cabernet Merlot 2017
  • Inara Cabernet Sauvignon 2018
  • Unicorn Shiraz 2019
  • Unicorn Cabernet Merlot 2016
  • Gruyere Hill Pinot Noir 2019
$90 worth of happy juice. Gotta love the unicorns, too.

All recent vintages and a nice selection of their mid and lower-end ranges. There’s no obscure, dodgy-looking old stock that appears on the brink of becoming vinegar. Nothing from their Alena or Layla labels either, but it would make little business sense for H&J to put $50 bottles into a six pack that costs less than double that.

That being sad, maybe they do occasionally throw in a bottle of the expensive stuff. I may just have to keep purchasing until my luck turns…

Most excitingly for me, I don’t think I’ve ever had any of these particular wines before. Possibly other vintages, but I’m sure these specific wines are all going to be new for me.

But how good is the value? Well, of the six bottles I received I was able to find prices online for four wines (three on H&J’s website and one from Dan Murphy’s). These four averaged out to be $27 per bottle, which is almost twice what I paid for them. Even if the two I could not confirm prices for were less, I would expect the average to still remain comfortably over $20.


So – mathematically, at least – this looks like a decent bargain on paper. The true test will be in the glass, of course.

I will review each wine when I get to it, but even before then I have to say I already recommend this particular pack. The price is sharp, it was delivered to my door for no extra charge (metropolitan Melbourne, your locale may be different) and now I get to discover a random selection of reds at my own pace.

And thanks to coronavirus, I don’t have to share them with anyone!

Check out the whole Helen & Joey range here. Your inner unicorn will thank you.