The Hilariously Gruesome Death Of Phil Leotardo


Perhaps best know for his fiery temper and his habit of constantly reminding everybody he did twenty years in the can, Phil Leotardo’s death was all at the same time satisfying, hysterically funny and brutal.

For many viewers it was a moment they had long waited for, perhaps even more satisfying for the way it happened. It was a death Phil himself would have considered disrespectful and demeaning. Phil was a thorn in the side of anti-hero Tony Soprano for much of the series and his demise was always more desired than inevitable.

The location is a Raceway gas station. Phil exits the the car driven by his wife Patty. His grandkids are in the back seat. As he speaks with her the gunman sneaks up and shoots him in the head. Phil falls and Patty screams.

Unnecessarily, perhaps only symbolically, the shooter puts another round into Phil’s chest. He then flees to a waiting car.


Patty is distraught, she gets out of the car, horrified and calling her father’s name. The car is still in drive. The handbrake is off. The car begins to roll forward. Slowly.

Witnesses watch on in mesmerised horror. In her panic, Patty bangs on the window, unable to open the door. The car rolls forwards, its front wheels angled to the right. Another motorist tries in vain to help her stop the car.

The car rolls on in a slow turn, one of the rear wheels lining itself up with Phil’s head. As they bear down on him, we see the smiling faces of his grandchildren as the car bumps over his head, crushing it. We see the horrified faces the onlookers as we hear Phil’s head squash beneath the wheel. One young man vomits. It’s comedic and gruesome all at once.

And that, dear friends, is the gory and undignified end of Phil Leotardo.


So what are your thoughts? Was this the most satisfying hit in the whole series? Did Phil deserve to go out like this? Tell us below.