Visit Genco Imports… In Florida?


It’s only a small nod to one of the greatest film franchises of all time, but it’s there, tucked away on a discreet street corner in Universal Studios Orlando.

While The Minions have their own ride and The Simpsons have their own land, the mighty Corleone empire is subtly acknowledged with a shopfront facade overlooking the park’s central lake. For fans, the Genco Imports signage says it all.

Sadly, the frontage is exactly that, and while you can enter the building you will find yourself in The Film Vault, a great little shop selling souvenirs and unique memorabilia (sorry, no olive oil). Is it as good as entering the Genco office and perhaps meeting young Vito and Clemenza? No, but it’s still worth a look if you visit the park.

The storefront in a scene from The Godfather Part II.
Genco Imports at Universal Studios Florida in 2017.

So where do you find this homage to The Godfather? Across the street from the Transformers 3D ride you’ll find The Film Vault. The signage for Genco faces the lagoon.

While it may only be a shopfront it makes for a great photo op for Godfather fans.

Being a family theme park, it’s obvious why Universal did not include any deeper references to films like The Godfather, but it is a nice touch nonetheless. A walkthrough attraction of the Corleone compound might be safe enough, certainly moreso than a set piece of Woltz’s bedroom!


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