Great Movie Cars – Lone Star’s Winnebago “Eagle 5” (Spaceballs)


Now the Winnebago is generally a pretty dull vehicle from a drivers perspective. Big, slow and cumbersome, it’s not the sort of thing you would take to the track for some hot laps. Oodles of practicality but not much excitement.

However, slap some wings on one and fly it through space and suddenly things are a little more interesting.

Mel Brooks’ 1987 spoof Spaceballs is one of the great parody comedies of all time, tearing shreds off Star Wars, Star Trek and everything else that gets in its way. Many regard it as his greatest work after Blazing Saddles.

Lone Star’s Winnebago named Eagle 5 was important enough to get a spot on the movie poster.
Nailed the landing like a boss.

The hero, an orphan named Lone Star who owes money to a crime boss named Pizza The Hut (yes, that’s his actual name), flies his converted-for-space Winnebago to the rescue of Princess Vespa (again, her real name) who has been kidnapped.

The story itself is pretty formulaic and is just a vehicle for as many jokes as possible.

But the sight of a motor home swooping through space is actually kind of impressive. It was probably meant to be a joke in itself, but to me Spaceballs may have inadvertently made Winnebago’s look cool. Which is a minor miracle in itself.

Lone Star and Barf making space tracks in Eagle 5.
That bumper sticker is all class.

If you think about it, it’s not a bad choice for a space ship. Roomy, well-equipped, plenty of space for people and cargo. And with hyperjets on board, it’s certainly faster than your regular motor home.

So if you’re in the market for a Winnebago, put some wings on it, hit the Light Speed button and scream “may the Schwarz be with you” as you amble slowly down the road.

If you’re not in the market for a Winnebago then I suggest you just go and watch Spaceballs instead. It’s a classic and one of cinemas greatest comedies.

This article was originally published on Motor Asylum.


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