North Korea: Where Tinted Windows Are A Crime


Capitalism has been dealt a savage blow with North Korea banning tinted windows among its citizens. Take that, Uncle Sam.

Apparently the youth of North Korea are absorbing too much popular culture from countries such as the US, Japan and South Korea and the solution to this rampant abuse of free thinking is to allow more light into their cars.

The theory is that young people are using tinted windows to hide what they’re doing in their cars, which is apparently just watching Hello Kitty and Spongebob Squarepants on their evil iPads, rather than having sex and doing drugs as you might expect from such troublesome youth.

The face you make when someone’s tint is too dark.

Fines of up to $A65 for the first “offence” escalate to confiscation of the vehicle for repeat offenders. Because nothing says “enemy of the state” more than tinted glass.

Conveniently – and not the least bit hypocritically – government vehicles in North Korea retain their blacked out windows. Obviously this is for national security and the needs of The Supreme Flat Top far outweigh the freedoms of any lesser citizen.

While some North Koreans have protested the laws (which is surely paramount to treason – better roll out the anti-aircraft firing squad again) the moves are apparently part of the implementation of the Rejection Of Reactionary Thought And Culture Act. The Act was rolled out in December and is just as progressive as it sounds.

So there you have it, North Korea is battling the “yellow wind” of capitalism one stripped-off sheet of tint film at a time. It’s good to see a nation prepared to tackle the tough issues.

Let’s not forget this is the same hermit kingdom that wants to arm itself with nukes… now what could possibly go wrong with that?


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