Best Eggs Benedict in Melbourne?


My wife and I have become regulars at Croydon’s Lower Deck Cafe recently, largely because of the eggs benedict. Or as their menu calls it, Hash Benedict.

Home made hash browns, paprika hollandaise sauce, poached eggs and bacon (or pulled pork or spinach or salmon, you choice). Add a little multicoloured garnish and you’ve got a fairly uncomplicated but incredibly delicious breakfast. The hash browns are more flavoursome and less heavy than bread, which could be the difference-maker here.

Hash Benedict with bacon. Do your mouth a favour and eat this.

We’ve had this a few times recently and the eggs have been poached to perfection every single time. My wife tried the pulled pork twice which was surprisingly a lot spicier the second time around with a chilli hit on the aftertaste.

I go with the bacon because I’m a bacon-loving creature of habit and it ain’t breakfast without bacon!

It may be a bold statement but the Lower Deck does the best eggs benedict I’ve ever had.

So. Damn. Delicious.

Could it be the best in Melbourne? I’m willing to call it unless someone can show me a better option. They also make good coffee, which we all know is crucial to any good breakfast.


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