The Wizard Of Oz Meets Pink Floyd?


It’s one of music’s longest-running urban myths, still doing the rounds despite being categorically denied by the band.

The myth claims that the first forty-three minutes of The Wizard Of Oz synchronises perfectly with Pink Floyd’s seminal 1973 album Dark Side Of The Moon if the listener hits play (or drops the needle) while the MGM lion is roaring. Others have claimed if the album is re-started immediately it will tie in with the rest of the movie, although there is little evidence to support this claim.

The myth first came to wider notoriety in the mid-1990’s but was apparently doing the rounds among Pink Floyd fans many years earlier.

There are certainly plenty of moments throughout that do seem to sync up, some more vague than others. There are significant tempo changes that seem to reflect what is happening on the screen. There are lyrics that tie in to the action in the film. Hell, even the album’s iconic cover art could be considered a loose visual connection to Somewhere Over The Rainbow.


That being said, there is also plenty of time throughout the album that doesn’t link up with the film at all. The “synchronicity” is more a series of coincidental moments rather than a constant musical parallel to the movie. That said, some of those moments are so in sync that it’s kind of spooky.

If you’re curious, check out the video below. The timing for the synchronisation has already been taken care of, so you can just hit play and make up your own mind. You may find yourself believing the band did this on purpose, or you may think it’s all coincidence.

Either way, it’s a great excuse to listen to one of the greatest albums ever made and enjoy at least the first part of a truly classic piece of cinema.

So what do you think? Deliberate sync or simply coincidence? Let us know below.


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