Has Atlantis Been Found?


A YouTube video from 2018 claims the Richat structure in Africa’s Sahara Desert is actually the remains of the famed city of Atlantis.

The video from Bright Insight is well-presented and makes a compelling case for its claims, although there is more speculation than solid scientific evidence. There are certainly some interesting supporting theories but they come with no irrefutable proof.

In any case, it’s a fascinating theory if nothing else. Check out the video below and make up your own mind.


The channel has also created more videos supporting this claim if you’re keen to go further down the rabbit hole.

However, not everyone is convinced by the videos claims, as this rebuttal from NeuroLogica Blog demonstrates. It actually provides a reasonable counter-argument if you wish to keep an open mind, although the writer can’t help belittling the Bright Insight host repeatedly, as though the evidence against the claim isn’t enough to satisfy them.

It’s an impressive counter-argument but is a little too salty and also thin in terms of evidence.


So, has Atlantis been found in the Sahara desert? Cast your vote below.


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