A Wheely Sad Day For Docklands


The Melbourne Star – Melbourne’s cheap initiation of the London Eye – has closed for good.

The observation wheel located in Melbourne’s disjointed clusterfuck known as Docklands has become another victim of the COVID-19 pandemic, citing lockdowns and travel restrictions as the main causes for its demise.

Image: Travel Victoria.

The grossly unoriginal attraction was spawned during the giant Ferris wheel outbreak of the early and mid-noughties and offered splendid views of rail yards and construction sites for over fifteen years. Later in life it offered eye-level views into the high-rise apartments that now surround it.

Apparently 300,000 visitors rode the overpriced wheel each year until coronavirus sucked the fun out of life for almost everybody. Now, the Star has closed for good and will hopefully be torn down and replaced by a far superior attraction – the polercoaster!


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