Should You Buy Titan Drawers?


The folks at 4WD Supacentre cop a bit of flak from some people and some of it is probably warranted. They specialise in cheap off goods that are largely imported from the cheapest manufacturing sector on the planet. Quality tends to fluctuate with lower production costs and fewer quality controls, but that doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily get a bad product.

In my experience, their non-electrical products are pretty dependable. I’ve used their roof racks, rear drawers and awnings without encountering any problems. I’ve also used their magnetic camping strip lights and I really like those. They’re not necessarily the smoothest or most refined products, but they work.

The Titan drawers are a great example of this. Massively cheaper than most of their competitors, you can see where the compromises have been made. The mounting system is a bit clumsy and the overall fit and finish is a bit rough. Evidence of this can be found in the fact that one of my drawers closes with almost no effort and the other one needs a good shove. In fairness, some of this could be attributed to my poor installation skills.

However, the roller bearings are durable and the latches seem solid. The locks work and the fridge slide is a useful inclusion, even if it doesn’t slide as smoothly as some.

Image: 4WD Supacentre.

You can find drawer systems that are more customisable and better finished but you will pay well over twice as much. If you want a full custom setup with cooktops etc then the price will go astronomical quickly.

The Titan drawers are a little rough around the edges but that’s to be expected for the price. They’re a cheap drawer system but they work and mine seem to be standing the test of time.

Like any drawer system, if you really load them up then you’ll find them hard to close simply because of the weight, especially if your vehicle is parked on a slope. Flat ground is your friend, unless you like pushing s**t uphill!

If you’re looking for a basic drawer system you can’t really go wrong here. The Titans are basic and a little clunky but still represent some of the best value for money on the market. My only major complaint is that the hex head screws they include for fixing the tie-down point are a bit weak so you can damage the heads if you’re not careful. I shredded a few of them when the impact driver slipped.


I know, a poor tradesman (which is probably still an overstatement of my abilities) blames his tools, but I’m pretty sure these screws are just as much to blame as me.

You can find a Titan drawer system to fit most makes of 4×4 in Australia (the drawers themselves are available in a set range of sizes with side wings to suit particular vehicles) and they offer excellent storage space. 4WD Supacentre also sells clear-top storage bags that are made to fit the drawers and these are a great, practical idea.

If you’re an experienced tourer or off-roader who travels frequently then you’re probably better off looking for a customised drawer install because this will be better suited to your specific needs and worth the extra expense. Companies like Drifta are a good place to start for more complex storage solutions.

But if simple, solid storage is all you want then it’s hard to go past the Titans, especially at these prices.


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