The Greatest Dunk Ever?


Back in 2000 Vince Carter produced possibly the greatest dunk ever seen during a game of basketball while playing for Team USA against France.

The Americans had just forced a bad shot inside and the French had secured the rebound. The outbound pass was sloppy and Carter intercepted it at the top of the key. A couple of quick dribbles later he launched himself over French center Frederic Weis, and I mean over!

The Frenchman ducked slightly but otherwise Carter leaped cleanly over the top of his towering opponent, slamming the ball home with one hand. Weis is not a short man, even by basketballer standards. At the time he was listed as 7’2”, or 218cm.

Weis was also standing a metre or two from the basket, not directly under it, meaning Carter’s leap had to be both high and long.

Vince Carter doing Vince Carter things.

It was an blink-and-you-miss-it dunk on the back of some broken play and it is quite possibly the most impressive dunk ever seen. The leap is enormous, the power and control are in perfect harmony and the finish is clean.

Vince Carter was already famous for his dunking ability but this play was beyond what anyone had seen from the young man before. Guards dunking on centers was nothing new (Michael Jordan did it regularly throughout his career) but a guard dunking over a center was something else. In fact, I can’t find an example of it happening quite like this before or since.


Often referred to as “the dunk of death”, the video below captures the dunk in all its glory as Carter leaps over his 7-foot-2-inch opponent for the slam.

Enough said. Check out the video below!


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