Back To The Rollercoaster With Marty And Doc


Tommy T’s Extreme Roller Coasters is a YouTube channel of virtual rollercoasters created in Planet Coaster. While some videos are of original coaster designs and themes, Tommy T also makes rides based on movies, and these are where the creators design genius really shines through.

The latest of these is a Back To The Future themed ride that closely follows the story of the original movie. What it lacks in traditional coaster elements (which would not serve the narrative anyway) it makes up for in incredibly detailed theming, perfectly timed scenes and a steady, summarised telling of the story. At 14 minutes it’s incredibly long by real-world rollercoaster standards but manages to tell the BTTF story beautifully with quotes and original soundtrack throughout.

“Let’s see if you bastards can do ninety!”

I thoroughly recommend checking out Tommy T’s other videos because they are amazing in their creativity and execution, but first take a nostalgic ride on Back To The Future below.

Share this video everywhere if you like it because Tommy T’s videos deserve far more views and likes than they are currently getting. This is some of the best original Planet Coaster content you will ever see, so enjoy!


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