Soulless And Spineless, Otherwise We’d Ditch China


The world is run by corporations as much as governments, if not more so. The basic rule that dictates how things are done is based on lowest production costs for the highest profit margins. This profiteering greed is the only reason the world still does business with China. There’s too much money to be made.

Otherwise, if the leading nations of the world actually operated via a moral compass, we would have cut ties with China and sourced products from elsewhere long ago.

Instead, our greed sees us turning a blind eye to what is the worst regime on the planet just to keep the dollars flowing.

No decent person should want a bar of China. Look at their actions in the South China Sea. Their “re-education” of Uighur muslims and god knows who else. Their treatment of Tibet. The excessive censorship of their own people. Their blatant IP theft of everything from cars to household appliances. Their vast fishing fleets that illegally plunder the waters of other nations. Hong Kong and Taiwan. The list goes on and on.

“A toast to getting rich by successfully fucking over the entire planet. Cheers!”

China gives the finger to almost every country in almost every possible way. As an emerging superpower their behaviour more closely reflects that of Nazi Germany than the United States. The US has allies all over the world. China simply has debtors.

Their Belt And Road Initiative is designed to spread Chinese influence and undermine foreign sovereignty. It is little more than a bad loans scheme aimed at weak nations. The fact that most agreements are related to infrastructure that China could commandeer during wartime makes the whole BRI even more unsettling. Various sea ports and airports have been built with BRI funds, installations crucial for military action.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews wanted to sign his state up to the BRI without disclosing the details of the deal to the public. Such action is tantamount to treason and the fact he still holds office is disgusting.


(He’s not alone. The federal government leased the Port Of Darwin to a Chinese corporation. The CCP exerts influence over ever business in China, so they effectively have the port at their disposal. Short-sighted greed at its finest. Apparently you can put a price on national security.)

The BRI is not about opening up trade or giving poor nations a helping hand. It’s about peaceful invasion, buying government cooperation and foreign infrastructure with huge debt instead of overthrowing with military force.

And the rest of the world has stood by and let it happen. Why? Because China makes things in huge volumes for the lowest cost. Sure, most of it is shit that doesn’t last, but we’ve become a disposable society. We don’t fix things, we throw them out and get a new one, which keeps pumping money into Chinese exports.


Major corporations have set up shop in China, exploiting the cheap production costs. In the short term, the company and the customer seem to be the big winners. But in the long run, only China wins as the rest of the world finds itself reliant on the manufacturing centre of a country that does not want to be anyone’s ally.

In many industries, China has got us by the balls, but it’s our fault, not theirs. They established a system that would exploit our greed and we fell for it, hook, line and sinker.

Anti-China protests have become more common around the world as people begin to see the overreach of the CCP for what it really is.

The main reason we should worry about China becoming the dominant superpower is because the CCP is far more self-serving and aggressive than the United States. The US aligns itself with like-minded nations in mutually beneficial ways. China simply exploits for CCP gain.

Sure, the US doesn’t treat everyone great, but no country is perfect. The US is at least approachable and transparent in its foreign policies.

In contrast, China is all propaganda and rhetoric. They talk tough through their state media outlets and make threats on a daily basis. Most of it sounds like the petulant crowing of a school bully, but we can’t forget that they are capable of backing up much of what they threaten.

That being said, nations are beginning to form alliances to counter China’s growth and influence, which to many sounds like the drums of war.


The only peaceful answer is for the biggest consumer markets in the world to boycott products made in China. It is a massive undertaking that would see temporary shortages in almost every product imaginable, but if we’re serious about keeping Xi from overplaying their hand then it is a necessary short-term sacrifice.

With Evergrande poised to collapse, a trade boycott would cause ripple effects globally but China would feel most of the pain with their export income shrinking while they deal with massive debt from development.

CCP influence within governments also needs to be countered globally, but this is a whole other problem that could in part be solved by cutting off China’s income streams.


If left unchecked, especially with the internal instability within the US government and community, China could well launch invasions and strikes against any of its neighbours with little to no warning. It has already shown its intentions to expand its territory, so even the worst-case scenarios in this respect should be taken seriously.

We really are at the end of our rope. Soon we will run out of chances to curb China and that could plunge the world into chaos. It could all be avoided if we could only let go of our greed even temporarily. In this world it’s hard to imagine such a thing occurring.

China at the top of the food chain is bad news for everyone except China. This could be our last opportunity to preserve our futures and freedoms peacefully. We must act now. The temporary pain will be outweighed by the long term gain, but only if we’re prepared to take the hit.

Perhaps by doing so we can rediscover some national identity. It’s time to stand up for what’s right and end our dependence on China.