When Minorities Say “Equality” They Really Mean “Special Treatment”


For the seemingly trillionth time in recent history we see a minority group demanding equality in the aftermath of another perceived slight. But of course their definition of equality is a little different to the dictionary.

This time it’s Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix special The Closer which has once again seen Chappelle receive criticism for the transgender material it contains.

Now, don’t forget that its 2021, which means any joke regarding any member of the exceedingly precious and humourless LBGTQ community must be hate speech.

Seriously, these people are so soft. When comedians talk about things, it’s all usually designed to garner laughs from the audience. That’s the intention of the comic. They’re after a laugh, because that’s what they do.

But the trans community and its herd of do-gooder supporters don’t even know what a sense of humour is. I’m sure most of them didn’t even watch Chappelle’s special, but they’re out there protesting anyway.

“Black trans lives matter”, claims the sign. When did anyone says their lives don’t matter? The victim card is getting a serious workout in this crowd of woke do-gooders.

It seems to be that these people are just looking for anything to complain about. Someone said “trans”? They’ll complain, they’ll protest and they won’t even check the context first.

But that’s modern society, isn’t it? Just an entitled bunch of crybabies screeching endlessly about how offended they are.

Even Netflix’s own employees aren’t above this kind of snivelling demand for “equality.”

A group of trans employees staged a walkout over the special, and (as bleating minorities always do) they took the opportunity to demand better working conditions for trans people, including more management roles.

Hear that, Netflix? Now you have to fill executive positions based on gender identity, not on competence.

Here we arrive at the core of the problem. People who protest don’t want equality. They want special treatment. They want everything, irrespective of whether they deserve anything at all.


Chappelle said it best in an earlier special. You can’t make jokes about the alphabet people.

And since that community seems to be the only one on earth that you’re not allowed to makes jokes about, why are they complaining? Apparently they’re untouchable, beyond parody or criticism for any reason. Who else gets that kind of special treatment?

They’ve already got everything and they still want more.


Hopefully the Dave Chappelle’s of the world will keep making jokes about anyone and everyone in future. It would be far easier to sympathise with the genuine challenges minorities face if they would stop making mountains out of molehills every time they perceive an insult.

Comedy is a performance art, not government policy. Jokes are designed to get laughs, not incite hate.

So, minorities of the world. Pick your battles. You can’t fight them all, so choose the ones that really matter.

And for fuck’s sake, get a sense of humour.