Like It Or Not, Dave Chappelle Is Right


Almost a month after it’s release the controversy surrounding Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix special The Closer is still raging on.

For all the huffing and puffing from the offended crowd (you know, those who refuse to accept the very existence of anything that they disagree with) they still seem to think that if they bleat loud enough nobody will realise how intolerant and hypocritical they are. So far so good on that front.

An article on Rolling Stone referred to Chappelle’s “antiquated views on gender”. Really, antiquated? I think a better description would be scientifically accurate.

Chappelle’s standpoint is that there are only two real genders, not the seventy-two some people have convinced themselves of. Yep, seventy-fucking-two. Or if you want to look at it through the lens of reality, two real genders and seventy mental illnesses.


The same article states that “Chappelle is not the victim”. Well, nor should he be. And why does someone have to be the victim? Since when does a difference of opinion involve a perpetrator and a victim? What’s he actually done wrong? Express an opinion? Defend himself against criticism from those who don’t share his opinions? That’s no crime, not matter how much the woke left like to throw around terms like “hate speech.”

You know what hate speech is? Hate speech is someone saying something like “I hate gays and they all deserve to die”. That’s hate speech and it’s deplorable, inexcusable and horrific. I’ve never heard Dave Chappelle ever say anything that even comes close to that.

Like it or not, most of what Chappelle says is absolute fact.

The trans community and its sympathisers are so in love with playing the victim card they are oblivious to how intolerant they are of anyone who doesn’t share their views. Ironic, how those who yell loudest for equality are really only interested in selfishly getting their own way. Like those Netflix employees who staged a walkout over The Closer but quickly turned their attention to demanding better roles within the company for themselves. Their quest for equality sounded suspiciously like a self-serving personal quest for more money.

But Dave Chappelle is the bad guy?

He has since also stated – somewhat jokingly, which was lost on most people – that Hannah Gadsby is not funny. Again, he’s right on the mark. Her career success can only be attributed to one thing: her fans support her because she’s LBGTQ and so they can tell their friends they like a gay comedian. That must be the answer because her material is garbage, her delivery is poor and her punchlines are as predictable as her token display of offence. She’s probably only taken issue with Chappelle’s special to gain some publicity by riding the coattails of an actual comedian.

Maybe that’s the real reason she doesn’t like Chappelle: he’s funny, she isn’t. Again, he said it and he was right.


He also stated that in America you can get away with murder but not with hurting a gay person’s feelings. The furore surrounding The Closer proves he was right again.

Just like everything else in The Closer. Chappelle is not seeking to build a divide between the transgender community and everyone else; they’re doing it themselves with their intolerant protests and “us versus them” mentality. They demand everyone shares their world view, and that is a ridiculous and insulting demand.

The notion that anyone might make a joke even slightly at their expense is simply intolerable, for no good reason at all. No sense of humour, no ability to ignore it and let it go, like every other demographic on the planet does.

Anyone who doesn’t tow the line, they try to “cancel” because god forbid someone have the audacity to think for themselves and have their own opinions.


Whether you agree with Chappelle’s comments in The Closer or not doesn’t really matter. What matters is that Chappelle is willing to accept and befriend those who don’t agree with him. But that willingness is not reciprocated by those who don’t share his views.

We need more Dave Chappelle’s in this world; people willing to express their views – even if they’re unpopular – and challenge those around them to make up their own mind.

Instead we have the rigid, unforgiving cancel culture community. Intolerant, vindictive and hypocritical. Incapable of comprehending complexity or variance, they label everything. Black or white, right or wrong, good or bad. There’s no grey areas, because that’s too complicated. They are simple in their stupidity.

Out of the two, who is on the right track in a supposedly free society? Dave is.

He’s been right all along, like it or not.