Are You Financially Supporting China’s War Machine?


Let’s be honest, most major corporations in China are either fronts for the CCP or deeply influenced by (and indebted to) the government. It stands to reason that – at least to some extent – the more these companies profit the more money enters the CCP coffers.

With China stepping up its military exercises with mock ups of US warships, we need to consider the security implications of contributing to those profits.

Nations like the US and it’s allies should be aiming to reduce the operations of Chinese companies within their economies. The reason being that supporting those businesses effectively funds China’s war effort should conflict erupt.

For example, you’re buying, say, Haval or Huawei products and China invades Taiwan, you’re indirectly supporting that invasion financially.

A rally a certain German dictator would be proud of.

Obviously, with China being the factory of the world it is impossible to undermine their profits completely. Most non-Chinese products are still largely comprised of Chinese components these days.

However, if consumers across the globe can avoid purchasing products from Chinese companies wherever possible, the collective action would reduce the amount of money flowing into China. Since the CCP controls or influences every business in China, this would provide them with less funding to support a war that seems increasingly likely.

Resistance starts at home. A more security-focused buyer mentality by millions of people across multiple markets and industries effectively save lives down the track. As Australians, and money we give to China through purchasing of goods or services is potentially going to be used against us in war.


Of course, war may never eventuate or it may never arrive on Australia shores. In which case such measures would seem pointless.

But personally, I’d rather send my dollars in the direction of friendly nations (or better yet, purely local businesses) than potentially sleepwalking into World War Three with a nation that is already making preparations for war against us.

Buy local. Buy non-Chinese. If it costs more, consider it an investment in freedom.


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