There Are No Dogs In Hell


If there’s a hell, it’ll be full of humans because we suck and maybe the odd orca whale, because they’re sadistic sons-of-bitches.

But there will be no dogs in hell.

The only “bad” dogs are like that because of human interaction. At their core, dogs are pure and innocent. Gentle, loyal and full of love.


I don’t actually believe in heaven, but when I think of my dog, I hope it exists. If there’s an afterlife he deserves to find paradise in it.

He’s not “perfect” but he’s a gentle old soul who gives unconditional love and tolerates me getting up in his face constantly, kissing his snout and telling him what a good boy he is.

I’m sure he appreciates the sentiment but probably wants me to back off and give him some space most of the time. But he tolerates me peacefully. Not a growl, not a snap, nothing.


He’s been through a lot in his life. He’s been abandoned by people who decided he was too hard to have around and he’s spent long periods of time in kennels, which is at odds with his personality. He’s a needy little guy who wants to be with people. Being alone in a cage brings him only fear and stress. He’s a companion dog, not a lone wolf.

He’s old now, so his back legs are starting to fail. He’s on medication for pain, seizures and we suspect he may have a brain tumour. His teeth are rotting away but due to his age and a heart murmur he can’t have them removed, so he suffers through them slowly decaying and falling out. There are signs of dementia beginning to appear.

Despite all this, he’s still an angel. He barely complains through what must sometimes be terrible pain. He’s a gentle soul but tough as nails all at the same time.


We do whatever we can to keep him comfortable and for the most part he still seems happy. His appetite is strong and he still enjoys his walks, although they’re shorter than they used to be.

The end is drawing closer for our beloved little guy, we know. He has probably just celebrated his last Christmas.

If there’s a doggy heaven, he’ll definitely be there. And when my time comes – if I’m worthy – I’ll happily spend eternity by his side.