The Fallacy Of “Always Was, Always Will Be”


There’s a slogan indigenous Australians and their supporters like to throw around because it makes it sound like they have some eternal, undeniable claim to this land. Unfortunately for them, not a word of it is true.

You’ve probably heard it or seen it on signs at the annual Australia Day (or Invasion Day if you’re woke af) protests where righteous indigenous folks and weak-minded sheep afflicted with white guilt bleat endlessly about the cruelty and injustice of white settlement. They portray pre-settlement Australia as some peaceful, harmonious utopia that was turned upside down by the white man, which is also a huge lie.

They wear clothes and hold signs paid for with money from jobs that would never have been available to them without white settlement, but we politely ignore their hypocrisy and ingratitude.


The “Always Was, Always Will Be” statement is a flat-out lie, and any intelligent person can see this.

Indigenous Australians are thought to have been on this land for 65,000 years, which at face value sounds like a long time. By most measures of human civilisation, it is.

However, the continental landmass of Australia is estimated to be between 10 and 55 million years old. Even if we accept the lesser estimate, 65,000 looks pretty pale compared to 10,000,000.

So, “always was” is simply untrue. Basic geological facts can prove this.

Catchy, but false.

“Always will be” is harder to disprove simply because fortune telling is hardly a science. But, since the precursor statement is based on a lie then “always will be” already has no solid foundations to stand on. Plus, making promises on the future is the kind of thing sleazy salesmen do. It’s hardly a pastime pursued by the pure and trustworthy.

In essence, this statement is nothing more than a virtue-signalling slogan designed to support a leftist movement.

Of course, they’ll argue it’s more of a metaphor than a factual statement because it is apparently taken from a quote, but when you use such direct language you can’t use that as an argument. It’s a statement designed to send a clear message and illicit a clear response.


Sadly, the words are empty: there are no facts to support it.

Perhaps if the slogan read along the lines of “we were here first” then that would hold more water. At least that statement is harder – if not impossible – to disprove.

Granted, it doesn’t have the same ring to it, but at least it’s honest, unlike the lie that is “always was, always will be”.


Like most woke movements, the slogans are false and the whole thing is based on excessively emotional reactions to historical fact.

Of course, these people have other catchy slogans like “no pride in genocide”, suggesting white people came to Australia with the sole purpose of decimating the indigenous population. Again, there’s no facts to support that claim either, although there’s no denying atrocities did occur.

The white guilt is strong with this bunch of virtue signalling hypocrites.

Another great line they use is “sovereignty never ceded”. True, they never signed surrender papers, but as the saying goes, to the victor goes the spoils. The reality is that the indigenous tribes were ill equipped to resist white settlement and if we want to call what happened next a war, well then, they lost. It is both sad and true that sovereignty was never ceded because the indigenous peoples were never given the option. The choice was made for them, for better or worse.

That’s the shitty part of being on the losing side. It sucks, but reality often does.


Some people just can’t handle the ugly side of white settlement in Australia like grown ups, instead choosing to behave like sore losers. Interestingly, these same people show no willingness to learn the violent history of indigenous Australians before Europeans arrived.

It doesn’t suit their argument, just like the facts that render their precious slogan an irrelevant lie.