Hey McFly, Is That A New DeLorean?


The woefully-underpowered star of the Back To The Future series is getting a reboot, with DeLorean set to unveil a new electric-powered vehicle later this year.

Replete with the signature gullwing doors, the new vehicle has been designed by ItalDesign and will reportedly sport a fully electric drivetrain.

DeLorean’s teaser image reveals almost nothing besides the signature doors.
DeLorean dmc-12
The original DeLorean DMC-12. Mr Fusion not included.

Currently not much else is known about the vehicle, although those who are interested can sign up on DeLorean’s website to receive updates on the new car. Will the options list feature hover conversations and flux capacitors? We’ll have to wait and see.

Suffice to say the new car will appeal to nostalgic film fans and motoring enthusiasts alike and should be well received depending on pricing. Hopefully the new power train won’t be as anemic as the original car which would have needed a downhill road with a tailwind to reach 88 miles per hour.

The car became an icon for its role as the time machine in the Back To The Future series.