Look At You: Taylor Tomlinson’s Second Netflix Special Delivers Big Laughs


Taylor Tomlinson has returned with her second Netflix special Look At You. In a word, it is hilarious.

Compared to her debut work Quarter Life Crisis this second outing is darker, more personal and probably funnier. Which is saying something because QLC was damn funny.

Some of the same source material returns, with Tomlinson referencing her religious parents, Christian childhood and her own love life in new ways and with new stories.

Religion in particular receives little sympathy this time around as Tomlinson skewers the church with a sharp brutality more expected from the likes of Bill Burr or even George Carlin.

But there is fresh material in the form of her mother’s death when Taylor was young and her more recent bipolar diagnosis. Both give the special a heavier edge than Quarter Life Crisis but the comedy doesn’t suffer for this. If anything, it benefits.

She may look serious here, but this ain’t no dull lecture. Taylor Tomlinson is on fire in Look At You.

The latter is a particularly brave exposé of Tomlinson’s therapy experiences and how she and those around her dealt with her diagnosis. It is intensely personal and at times conjures sympathy for the comedian but that never seems to get in the way of the laughs.

Clearly not afraid of crossing lines or challenging audiences, Tomlinson rightfully appears fully confident in her ability to extract laughter from the grim sadness and harsh reality checks life can deliver. She takes on personal experiences many comedians would be loathe to share with their audience and turns them into comedy gold. She is sarcastic, blunt and fearless.


In Look At You, Tomlinson takes the core of Quarter Life Crisis and cranks up the laughs and intensity. It’s a natural evolution that doesn’t feel the slightest bit recycled or old. If there’s a third Netflix special in Taylor’s future it can’t come soon enough.

In the meantime, check out Look At You. It’s a winner from start to finish.